We can help your client with a disability claim at any stage of the process, from filing the application, to representing at a hearing, to litigating in federal court.

We all have them. Clients who have problems outside our scope of practice. At Roose & Ressler, it is any legal issue that does not relate to a Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability claim. We have limited our practice to this area of the law because we believe it allows us to provide focused and meaningful services to our client.

We are local, too, which has advantages. Our knowledge of local medical providers helps us successfully request and obtain the medical evidence needed to prove your client’s case. We know the local administrative law judges and how to best present your clients’ cases. And we work hard to help them obtain benefits to which they are legally entitled.
Our reputation matters to us. We count on referrals from local sources to whom we feel accountable. You may be aware of national firms that draw in clients with slick advertising and then provide minimal and sometimes substandard services. You can provide a valuable service to your clients by steering them away from far-away representatives.
Roose & Ressler has been giving local and personal service to clients like yours with disability claims for decades. If you have a client with a Social Security disability issue, or if you simply have questions about whether your client has a potential disability claim, please keep us in mind. We look forward to helping you and your clients.

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Social Security has recently undergone some dramatic shifts in how claims are evaluated.  The listing of impairments has changed.  The rules for evaluating treating physician opinions has changed.  Rules concerning the submission of evidence, notice about such evidence, and consequences for failing to follow these rules have changed.  We keep up with these changes, adjust our practice to accommodate these rules, and work to provide our clients with quality representation.

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