We help you qualify for disability to get the help you need.

We remove the stress from the disability application process. Don’t spend hours trying to figure out the right paperwork needed to qualify, let us do it for you. We are here to guide you through the process, ensuring that you are approved for the coverage you need.

We are your advocates.

We are you navigators.

Reduce Stress

Understand the Process

Qualify for Disability


Don’t miss out on qualifying for disability or getting the maximum benefits you need to take care of yourself or your loved ones.


Good representation by a disability attorney gives you the best possible chance that your claim will be approved.


The process can be confusing and complicated. We can explain what's happening every step of the way.


We handle all of the paperwork and process from beginning to end, and we fight to make sure that you are paid all the benefits to which you are entitled when you win.


Roose & Ressler attorneys have been helping Northern Ohioans with Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income cases for 40 years.

We will make sure that your claim is presented clearly and accurately, while emphasizing all the important facts about your case.

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The Roose & Ressler Team will analyze your case thoroughly to determine what is necessary for you to receive benefits. We assess the best methods on how to prove the crucial facts of your case and gather the necessary evidence.

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Let Us Do The Work

We’ll evaluate your individual situation, fill out the necessary paperwork, request and obtain reports, prepare and manage the hearing process, and more.

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We're Local

Having 40+ years of experience serving Northern Ohioans, we know the ins and outs of the local disability process. We believe that knowing you, your family, your doctors, and knowing the judge who may hear your case is important.

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Maximize Your Claim

Our expertise allows us to know the type of disability for which you may qualify, direct you on what additional information is needed, and identify when reopening of a prior claim is appropriate to help you get the most out of the disability process to protect you and your loved ones.

We know that the disability process can be tedious and at times overwhelming – we’re here to take the stress out of the process.

“Roose and Ressler is the only firm I would consider in the Toledo area. The staff are reassuring, punctual, professional, and honest. Any business would be lucky to achieve this level of customer service. They really take the time to explain every step of the disability process and always go above and beyond. Call them today, you will not be disappointed.”

– Casey, Caseworker

“It was a lot of information that I had to share and I felt comfortable and at ease sharing personal things with you. You all were very on top of things, keeping me informed of what was going… Everything was all done in the time you said it would be….if I ever have the occasion to recommend an attorney, I will recommend you.”

– D.N., Client

“I didn’t know where to start. Roose & Ressler was very helpful in getting things going for me. They helped me a lot with my disability claim and were very kind. I appreciate them all.”

– Roger, Client

Let us help you qualify for disability to get the help you need.

Social Security Disability

Monthly cash income and entitlement to Medicare health insurance based on your (or sometimes a family member’s) work history.

Supplemental Security Income

Federally funded monthly income designed to help qualifying disabled people pay for their basic needs.

Let Us Help You Start the Process

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1. Call us for a free consultation.

We’ll ask you some questions about your current situation, and give you a good idea of whether or not you might qualify. We will also discuss the possibility of representation.


2. File your disability application.

We’ll walk you through the process, telling you exactly where to find the applications, what you need to include, and when you need to follow up. If we have decided together that we will represent you, we will take care it all, once we have all the information we need from you.

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3. File an appeal.

In most cases, you will need to file an appeal (about 7 of 10 applications are turned down in the initial application stage). If we represent you, we’ll file any necessary appeals on time, and we’ll keep you informed each step of the way.

We know how important the disability income can be for individuals and families.

When you’re in a situation where you’re unable to work due to a mental or physical disability, it can be overwhelming, emotional and disruptive to you and your family.

Over the course of 40+ years, we’ve helped thousands of people with their Social Security Benefits claims and appeals.

You’re not a number to us, we take it as our greatest responsibility to listen carefully to your situation, know what solution is going to be best, and walk you through the process to qualify for disability.

At Roose & Ressler, you are more than just a client. You are a real person that needs help. We pride ourselves on giving you a thoughtful experience and your case the attention it deserves.

We offer Conversational Spanish assistance to clients.

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Things to Consider when Applying for Disability

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For something this important, trust the team that knows.

We know our way around the process. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know specifically how to handle cases in northern Ohio and have four locations to serve you.

Hiring Roose & Ressler can alleviate the feeling of being alone throughout the process. We act as your point person and will be here to answer all your questions. We’ll make sure you meet the necessary deadlines and requirements for the appeals process.

If you’re ready to get started, call us for a free consultation.