Things to Consider When Applying for Disability

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Thinking About Applying for Social Security Disability?  You NEED to Consider These 4 Things!

You might be thinking that being approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits could improve your quality of life. In addition, the income would be a relief as you navigate living with a disability or illness.

However, before you begin the application process, there are FOUR THINGS you should consider.  Knowing the answers will give you a good idea as to whether or not Social Security Disability is the solution you need.

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Social Security has recently undergone some dramatic shifts in how claims are evaluated.  The listing of impairments has changed.  The rules for evaluating treating physician opinions has changed.  Rules concerning the submission of evidence, notice about such evidence, and consequences for failing to follow these rules have changed.  We keep up with these changes, adjust our practice to accommodate these rules, and work to provide our clients with quality representation.

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