How to file for benefits

How to File for Benefits

Are You Unable to Work Due to an Injury or Illness? Let Our Skilled Social Security Attorneys Help You Collect Your Social Security Disability Benefits

You may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if your ability to work has become impaired. Our years of experience in working through the Social Security Administration’s complicated procedures can help.

How Do You Start Your Social Security Disability Claim?

Our Social Security attorneys know the disability process and can help you decide the best way to file your claim. We recommend that you attempt to file applications for both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). It may turn out that you don’t qualify for both, but let Social Security review your earnings and finances to determine your possible eligibility for both programs.

Social Security’s preferred application method is that you file your application online at their website (www.ssa.gov). HINT: it is a common error that claimants fail to indicate in the online application that they also want to file an application for SSI. Social Security will not take an application for SSI if you make this error, and you may lose important benefits for which you could be entitled. It is important that you keep a copy of the confirmation that your application was completed.

You can also call the Social Security Administration and begin the application process over the phone. For some applicants, this option is more convenient. However, as discussed below, further steps will be necessary.

Your third option to start the application process is to go to a Social Security Administration office and fill out your application there.

What Happens After You File Your Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits?

It’s always important to follow up with your local Social Security Administration office to confirm that your application is being processed. If you filed online, you must confirm receipt of your application. If you filed over the phone or in person, you must confirm that your initial interview is scheduled.

The Social Security Administration must contact you to complete an SSI application. Contact Social Security to follow up if they do not contact you within two weeks of filing an application.

What Happens After Your Initial Interview?

In many cases, even if you make no significant mistakes in the application process, your claim will be denied and you will need to file an appeal. Nationwide, almost seven out of ten disability cases are turned down at the initial application stage, and this is true for Ohio, too.

You have a limited time to file your appeal! Let our experienced Social Security lawyers make sure you do not miss this deadline.

In most areas of the country, including Ohio, your first appeal would be to request reconsideration. This involves a review of your claim by a different group of individuals chosen by Social Security. They will obtain updated medical evidence, and make a new decision. Statistically, your chance of winning at this level is low, less than 20% in Ohio.

If you are denied again at the reconsideration stage, the next appeal would be to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Let us manage your application and appeal process to keep your claim on track and moving forward.

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Hiring Roose & Ressler can alleviate the feeling of being alone throughout the process. We act as your point person and will be here to answer all your questions. We’ll make sure you meet the necessary deadlines and requirements for the appeals process.

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