Does marriage or divorce affect my Social Security benefits? 

Yes, it does!  Social Security pays spouses, divorced spouses, widows and widowers.  To be eligible as a divorced spouse, your marriage must have lasted 10 years prior to your divorce.  If you were married for 10 or more years, your spouse’s/divorced spouse’s benefits are protected as early as age 62.  If your spouse predeceases you, you can receive widow’s/widower’s benefits as early as age 60 and disabled widow’s/widower’s benefits as early as age 50.  

Keep in mind that re-marriage prior to attaining age 50 or age 60 can prevent payment as a surviving spouse on a prior marriage.  So do some financial planning – be sure saying ‘I do’ does not result in an ‘I don’t’ get to receive benefits from a prior marriage.  You have the right to know what payments you may be due from your work or the work of a current or prior spouse.  Then make your wedding plans according to what makes sense for you and your family! 

Fortunately, your payments as a spouse, are not reduced by an ex-spouse’s eligibility. But f you had more than one marriage that lasted 10 years, you can only collect on one record at a time. No double-dipping allowed! 

To be in the know, visit www.socialsecurity.gov or call Social Security toll-free at 1-800-772-1213.

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Written by Roose & Ressler consultant Jennifer Staab, retired from Social Security with 37 years of service.

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