5 Tips for Working with Your Disability Attorney

Hiring an attorney to help access Social Security Disability Insurance can be a difficult choice. While the process of filing a claim and going through appeals can be overwhelming, the idea of bringing an outsider into an already stressful situation can be equally daunting. If you’re considering working with an attorney to get the benefits you deserve, consider these five tips for making the most of your attorney-client relationship.

Choose a local attorney with experience in Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims:

When selecting an attorney, it’s crucial to find someone who is experienced in SSDI cases. Look for an attorney with a proven track record in handling disability claims and who has a thorough understanding of the complex SSDI application and appeals process. Their expertise will greatly enhance your chances of success.  Look for an attorney who is local, who has worked with the Social Security representatives at your local office, the judges that decide claims for your area, and is familiar with the local medical community.

Provide all necessary documentation and information

To support your SSDI claim, gather all relevant medical records, doctor’s reports, test results, and any other evidence that demonstrates your disability and its impact on your ability to work. Share this information with your attorney as early as possible so they can effectively build your case. Be transparent about your medical condition, symptoms, and limitations to ensure accurate representation.

Maintain open and clear communication with your attorney

Establishing good communication with your attorney is crucial throughout the process. Ensure you understand the steps involved in your claim and any updates or changes that occur. Promptly respond to your attorney’s requests for information and promptly inform them of any new medical developments or changes in your condition that could impact your claim.

Follow your attorney’s advice and guidance

Your attorney has experience navigating the SSDI system and understands how to present your case effectively. Listen to their advice and follow their guidance regarding the best strategies for pursuing your claim. They will help you prepare for hearings, gather additional evidence, and address any potential roadblocks that arise. Trust their expertise and work together as a team.

Be patient and persistent

The SSDI application process can be lengthy and complex, and denials are common, even for valid claims. It’s important to remain patient and persistent throughout the process. Your attorney will handle the legal aspects of your claim, but it’s essential that you maintain your commitment and perseverance. Keep track of deadlines, stay involved in your case, and be prepared for potential appeals if necessary.

Remember, working with an attorney can significantly increase your chances of a successful SSDI claim. By selecting an experienced attorney, providing comprehensive documentation, maintaining good communication, following their guidance, and demonstrating patience and persistence, you can navigate the process more effectively and improve your likelihood of receiving the benefits you deserve.

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